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Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to learn about our beginnings. Although Garnet and I started out small, we have been blessed with so much over the years. We will always remember where we came from.

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Garnet began planting and growing balsam fir trees in 1981.

Balsam fir tree farm

The decorator tins I brought home after visits with my family became very popular with friends and neighbours. When two of our children needed braces, I started selling these beautiful tins to cover their orthodontist bills.

decorator tins

Our children Seth, Cynthia, Margaret, and Jesse.

Our children Seth, Cynthia, Margaret, and Jesse

Here I am with my first cash register. The only place to put it was on top of the family washer and dryer!

/first cash register

Our oldest son, Seth, began building pine shelves and step stools for the store. He began his business venture in the basement of our home. Seth's projects grew rapidly and expanded into a woodworking shop.  The woodworking shop is now a production facility that employs almost 20 people who produce pine, oak, maple and cherry furniture.

Eldest son, Seth

As our business grew, so did our children. Starting in the back from left to right is our eldest daughter, Margaret and her husband, Matthew, our youngest daughter, Cynthia and our eldest son, Seth. In the front is our youngest son, Jesse and his wife, Beth Anne and the two of us!

growing family

Of course You can find the two of us helping out in the store from time to time as well.  We hope you and your family continue to enjoy your Wheaton’s experiences as we continue to serve you with quality products.

We hope you enjoyed learning about our story as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you!

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